Saturday, March 13, 2010

Access your firefox settings from everywhere

Do you use FireFox as your webbrowser and use it on different computers ?
Then probably you also have the problem that the history, booksmarks and saved passwords are not the same on all systems.

Since a few month there is a reliable solutions to this problem:

Mozilla Weave (Also available directly via Add-On page)

It's a firefox add on which keeps your settings in sync between as many systems as you want.

Just install the add on and then create a Weave account and all your settings are synched to the mozilla weave server. (Don't worry, privacy is granted and data is encrypted, or, if you are paranoid, you can even install your own weave server)

On the second system, just install the add on and enter your credentials and then select if you wish to merge or replace the settings from teh server.

That's it. I have been using it since version 0.5 and since version 0.9 it's realy stable and very usefull.
Actully I sync 4 Installations with weave:
1. The computer at work
2. The laptop at home running ubuntu
3. The same laptop at home running (once a month) Windows 7
4. The Desktop at home (most of the time used by my children)

And weave just works as it should.

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