Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Monitor Netgear ReadyNAS with Zabbix

Zabbix template for Netgear ReadyNAS

Monitoring devices with Zabbix is a simple thing, at least when you have a matching template for your device.

For Netgear ReadyNAS devices there exist many different templates, but most are outdated and no longer support the current 6.9.x firmware.

We integrated "all" ideas found in the other templates to provide a easy to install/use template for your device.


  • LLD of disks, fans, temperature sensors, volumes, partitions, inetrfaces and processors
  • Creation of graph and triggers
  • No need to deploy MIB files to servers/agents, we work with direct OID's

The template and install instructions can be found here on Github link

Please open a issue in Github if you need more features or have enhancements you can provide.

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